Install SysUpTime on Linux

  • Download
  • Login as root user
  • Do "chmod +x" to assign the executable permission to it.
  • Run
  • To start server, execute $INSTALL_DIR/server/bin/
  • To start client, execute $INSTALL_DIR/client/bin/


  • How to stop server?

    Enter server/bin directory and execute

  • How to start server on system startup?

    Use a text editor to open /etc/rc.local. Add the following line to the end of the file:
    , where PATH should be replaced with the directory of that resides in.

  • Does SysUpTime Linux edition have the same functionality as the Windows edition?

    Almost, except that SysUpTime Linux server cannot be used to do WMI moniotoring, which is used to monitor Windows performance metrics and it depends on Windows OS.